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Anna Talerico

Anna Talerico is the co-founder and former Executive Vice President of ion interactive.

Anna is passionate about building company culture, sales, and SaaS customer success.

At ion interactive, Anna led customer-facing teams which included sales, customer success, creative & technical services and product support. Her efforts focused on the people, processes and teams that made ion a growing, profitable bootstrapped marketing tech business. When ion was acquired by ScribbleLive in 2017 she co-founded Beacon9 to help technology companies chart their path forward in these same areas.

Anna loves solving the problems faced by SaaS companies—Reducing customer churn and increasing product adoption; Growing radically efficient sales teams from nothing; Creating value for customers so they buy, and buy again, and buy yet again; Building a company that employees can be proud of and where they can do their best work; And most of all, running a profitable company in a business climate where that’s an anomaly.