We believe that companies should secure appropriate capital for each stage of growth, and debt, when properly sized and structured, can play a key role in the capital structure of most recurring revenue businesses.
— Brian Henley, Recurring Capital Partners

Our Strategy

We provide an alternative to equity financing that can boost growth and/or bridge the gap to profitability, financing or a sale.

We enable you to leverage your existing customer base to efficiently access capital to add new customers.

We do not need or require equity investor involvement or future commitments.  

We can provide operational expertise but take no governance role. 

Investment Size and Structure

$1 to $10 million

Flexible venture debt tailored to the stage and situation

Selective equity investments



Demonstrated product/market fit

Stable and diverse customer base

Management team with significant ownership stake 

$4+ million in annual recurring revenue

High gross margins

Responsible operating expense management