Jed Alpert

CEO/Co-Founder - Mobile Commons,
SVP - Upland Software

Jed is the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Mobile Commons, a mobile messaging platform that enables customers to reach more users, drive mobile engagement, and improve conversion rates. Jed’s experience building and operating Mobile Commons has contributed to his reputation as one of the foremost authorities on mobile communications strategy. As a SaaS entrepreneur, Jed was instrumental in executing Mobile Commons’ business model and scaling the company’s messaging technology into a mobile-first communications platform with a blue-chip customer roster.  Mobile Commons was acquired by Upland Software (UPLD) in 2014 where Jed is SVP and General Manager.

Jed previously served as the President of Sunshine Amalgamedia where he developed syndication sponsorship models that paired up-and-coming directors with nationally branded sponsorship and multiple distribution networks. Sunshine partners, clients, and customers have included Microsoft, Oracle, and Scripps Howard. Additionally, Jed created marketing and sponsorship programs for clients such as Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Pepsi and Samsung. Prior to joining Sunshine, Jed worked as an attorney, focusing his practice on entertainment and media law.