Tyler Shields

VP of Marketing, Partnerships, and Strategy
- Signal Sciences

Tyler has been involved with startups at all levels for over 25 years resulting in successful exits including two acquisitions (LURHQ - acquired by Dell / Secureworks, @Stake - acquired by Symantec), an IPO (Portal Software - PRSF), and a current technology venture tracking towards IPO (Veracode Inc.).

Previously, Tyler was a market analyst for Forrester Research covering multiple technology markets including mobile, security, and Internet of Things. He has run a successful business unit for a mobile security technology firm as well as helped mentor multiple startup executives allowing them to gain traction and eventual success. Tyler currently runs marketing, partnerships, and strategy for web security firm Signal Sciences, based in Venice Beach California. Tyler also sits on the board of a stealth tech startup as well as advisory boards for multiple technology ventures in the information security space.